Sail like Never Before on this Dhow cruise Marina!

Marina-Dhow-Cruise-Dinner-dubaiDhow Cruise Marina

Over the years, Dubai has evolved into a cosmopolitan city that offers diversity in just about everything. You will see the most advanced venues and global business hubs. Apart from that, there is also something for people who would like to tour this place. For this very reason, it has become one of the preferable tourist spots. Contrary to popular belief, you can tour Dubai on a budget. Even if you choose to sail on dhow cruise marina, your budget will still not get disturbed.

Dhow Cruise Marina Deals

The marina dhow cruise dinner menu is appreciated by foreigners who come from all parts of the world. The price for four persons starts from AED 150, and it subsequently becomes bigger as the number people increases.

Glass Boat Package

  • 1-15 Persons: AED 200/person
  • 16-30 Persons: AED 190/person
  • 21-99 Persons: AED 180/person
  • 100+ Persons: AED 170/person

Wooden Boat Package

  • 1-15 Persons: AED 150/person
  • 16-30 Persons: AED 140/person
  • 21-99 Persons: AED 130/person
  • 100+ Persons: AED 120/person

*Charges are per person

Dhow Cruise Marina Tour Inclusions:

Welcoming drink, dinning aboard, cruising in Dubai marina for over two hours, international as well as Asian buffet dinner, music, Tanura show and live entertainment, refreshment, open air upper deck and full air conditioned deck (lower)

Unmatched Hospitality

This very cruise trip will not be the conventional trips that you might have done in the past. Following the Arabian custom, you will be presented with drinks. The staff is known to be very courteous and for this very reason, not a single problem of yours will be left unattended. 

Enjoy the Tasty Cuisines

The food is one of the many factors on the bases of which the people judge a certain place. However, in dhow cruise marina, you will have a taste of the world’s best meals. The refreshment will never end, and you can enjoy the soft drinks as well as coffee for as long as you can.

Whole Cruise to Yourself!

You will be given privacy and therefore, you can enjoy the weather with your close friends and family

Dhow Cruise Marina AC Lower Deck

In case, jamming under the sun is not your thing, then you can sit all you want in the lower decks that have air conditioners.

Dhow Cruise Marina Booking

A majority of people want to arrange unconventional trips for their loved ones. However, if you want to come to Dubai, you can choose sailing in dhow cruise in the marina. The idea of sailing in a giant boat has been well recognized by many people. If you belong to the same group, there is no need to go any further. [Company name ABC] is at your disposal when it comes to choosing dhow cruise Dubai marina.  We take pride in the fact that we offer you best of the best deals. Contact us for more information.


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